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Casagami Maisons Du Monde Solar Night Lights

Casagami Maisons Du Monde Solar Night Lights

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Casagami is a «sustainably developped» solarlight; a small, fun oriented object, both decorative and educational. Casagami is made of cardboard. Easy to build and decorate, Casagami is designed for children and adults alike. The "solar-led module" enables one to experiment with solar energy and to light the little house.

Casagami is a great way to introduce children to sustainable developpement and alternative energies.

Sustainable design :

Low carbon footprint ; weighing less than 50 grams, and with a flat packaging, Casagami can be mailed in an envelope for a low carbon footprint.

Recyclable: Casagami is made from recycled or PEFC/FSC cardboard and is recyclable.

We employ people with special needs for packaging and expedition.

Uses green energy : the low consumption LED light is powered and charged by a solar panel.

Included in each envelope :
- An exclusive "solar-LED adhesive module"
- Precut and pre-folded sheet of Kraft paper

Easy DIY Assembly (no glue needed!)
Remove the house from the pre-cut sheet of cardboard.
Fold all tabs of the house.
Stick adhesive solarmodule to the inside.
Fix tabs to assemble the house.
Fitted dimensions: 80 x 65 x 75 mm

Using Casagami :

Place your house on the windowsill to charge the battery.
5 hours of charging in sunligh t= 5 hours of lighting.
Automatic switch off system when exposed to sunlight.
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