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The Power Of The Sun DVD

The Power Of The Sun DVD

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“The Power of the Sun” consists of two films on a single DVD: “The Power of the Sun-The Science of the Silicon Solar Cell” (S), is a 20-minute animated educational film for 12th grade High School students, or freshman College/University students with interests in physics and/or chemistry, materials science, engineering. (The silicon solar cell is currently the most important generator of solar electricity).

“The Power of the Sun” (G) is a 56-minute film, telling the story of photovoltaics -Light; History and Science; Implementation; and Future. It is designed for general public with interest in science, its history and its current and future applications to the world’s energy needs, as well as for policy-makers and opinion leaders in the field of energy. It is also highly recommended for students who are using the 20-minute science film (S), to provide them with a broad perspective.

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